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Warehouse Example

Large open spaces like warehouses typically are optimized for maximum power density and fixture level control. High power fixtures consume the entire power budget of an X-PoE port. In the above scenario, four X-PoE ports provide power to the high power LED fixtures, while a single X-PoE port provides power to the 3rd party wireless controls system via a standard IEEE PD. The X-PoE lighting controller is housed remotely, along with it's power supply, and the 3rd party control system host. The X-PoE lighting controls system is integrated with the 3rd party control system via API and/or MQTT.


  • 3rd party high power LED fixtures, up to 48V 2.3A. For more information, see D1.2 - Output Power Range.
  • 1 fixture/X-PoE port, utilizing 2 channel panel mount X-PoE PD:
  X-PoE Lighting Controller->>X-PoE PD: Cat5e-6 Cable
  X-PoE PD-->>LED Engine 1: Channel 1
  X-PoE PD-->>LED Engine 2: Channel 2
  box Head End
    participant X-PoE Lighting Controller
  box High Power LED Fixture
    participant X-PoE PD
    participant LED Engine 1
    participant LED Engine 2

Fixtures must have two separate light engines.

Although the Luum switch supports 2.3A max/port, two channel ports support a maximum of 1.15A each. In this example, a fixture with two separate light engines was used.


  • 3rd party wireless lighting controls system, integrated with X-PoE. For more information, see D6.1 - Integration.
  • 24V power bus to devices from standard IEEE PoE PD:
  X-PoE Lighting Controller->>IEEE PD: Cat5e-6 Cable
  IEEE PD-->>3rd Party Host: 24V DC
  IEEE PD-->>3rd Party Switch: 24V DC
  3rd Party Switch-->>3rd Party Sensor: 24V DC
  box Head End
    participant X-PoE Lighting Controller
    participant IEEE PD
    participant 3rd Party Host
  box 3rd Party Controls
    participant 3rd Party Switch
    participant 3rd Party Sensor

System Components#

Qty Description Vendor Part Number
4 3rd Party LED Light Fixtures
Panel Mount X-PoE PDs
XPD-T2P-G (panel mount PD)
n/a 3rd Party Wireless Control System
(motion sensors, switches, wireless gateway (not shown))
n/a n/a
1 Standard IEEE PoE to 24V PD (not shown) n/a n/a
1 8 Port X-PoE Lighting Controller
Power Supply (not shown)
(power supply not included)