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Product Image

Product Overview#

The XS-108H lighting controller represents a cutting-edge, high-performance solution, offering multiple channels for remote constant current/voltage LED driving. This controller stands out by providing 8 ports that can deliver controlled power in either IEEE standard (90W per port) or X-PoE (120W per port)1 configurations. Powered by a 48V-57V low-voltage DC input2, it ensures efficient and reliable operation within the lighting system, maintaining consistent and optimized power supply to the connected LED fixtures. With its advanced features and robust design, the XS-108H lighting controller sets the stage for exceptional performance and flexibility in contemporary lighting applications.


Dimensions 219 mm x 254.7 mm x 44 mm (without mounting brackets)
8.6 in x 10 in x 1.7 in (without mounting brackets)
Weight 1.9 kg (without mounting brackets)
4.2 lb (without mounting brackets)
Interfaces (2) UP/DOWN Link RJ45 Ports
(8) IEEE 802.3bt PoE++ / 2-CH X-PoE Lighting RJ45 Ports3
(1) DC Power Input Port2
(1) Aux. Dry Contact Input Port
(2) Pin-Hole Operation/Reset Buttons
Power Input 48VDC to 57VDC Input
100W - 1,000W Supply Recommended4
Maximum Power Consumption 1,000W with all channels fully loaded at 100%5
Environment Operating Temp: 0°C to +40°C (32 to 104°F)
Storage Temp: -20 to +40°C (-4 to +158°F)
Humidity: 10% to 90% (non-condensing)
Certifications FCC, ETL
Warranty 5 Years
Port Mode: X-PoE Max. 120W/Port (at 57VDC) Constant Current/Voltage Output6
Port Mode: IEEE PoE Max. 90W IEEE 802.3bt PoE++/Port

Power Output

Maximum output power is dependant upon the input voltage and the forward voltage of the connected light engine.

Front Panel#

The XS-108H front panel is shown below:

Front Panel

  1. System Reset Button
  2. System Status LED
  3. Programming Override Button7
  4. Port X-PoE Status LEDs
  5. Ethernet Uplink RJ45
  6. Unused
  7. IEEE/X-PoE Lighting Ports
  8. Coupling Bracket Mounting Holes

LED Descriptions#

System Status LED (#2)
n/a OFF The system processor is not receiving adequate power
GREEN ON The unit is powered on and operating normally
GREEN FLASHING The unit is powered on and operating normally without an internet connection
ORANGE ON The unit is undergoing a system update
ORANGE FLASHING The unit is booting or rebooting
RED ON A system malfunction has been detected
RED FLASHING The programming override has been engaged
Port Status LEDs (#4)
WHITE FLASHING The port is not configured and is not providing power
WHITE ON The port is configured and is not providing power
GREEN FLASHING The port is not configured and is providing power
GREEN ON The port is configured and is providing power
ORANGE ON The port is providing power to an IEEE load
PURPLE FLASHING The port is in constant voltage discovery mode
RED ON An error has been detected on the port
RJ45 Connector LEDs
ORANGE (Left) OFF No network activity on the port
ORANGE (Left) FLASHING Network activity on the port
GREEN (Right) OFF No network connection is established on the port
GREEN (Right) ON A stable network connection is established on the port


The LEDs on the RJ54 ports will only function for the uplink port.

Button Operation#

Reset Button (#1)
PRESS 2 TIMES Restart the system processes
PRESS 5 TIMES Restart the unit
PRESS 7 TIMES Reset network settings
PRESS 10 TIMES Factory default all settings

Rear Panel#

The XS-108H rear panel is shown below:

Rear Panel

  1. Power Input (48VDC to 57VDC)
  2. System Power LED
  3. Programming Override Input (dry contact closure)
  4. Coupling Bracket Mounting Holes
  5. Security Slot

LED Description#

System Power LED (#2)
n/a OFF The unit is not receiving adequate power
GREEN ON The unit is powered on and operating normally
RED ON A system malfunction has been detected

Override Input Description#

Override Input (#3)
CLOSED Engage programming override (configurable)
OPEN Disengage programming override (configurable)

Programming Override INPUT

Activating (or deactivating depending on the configuration) the input will engage the programming override, and deactivation of the input for longer than 5 seconds will disengage it. The default programming override behavior will set all loads to 100% when engaged, and return them to their previous state when disengaged. This can be changed in the configuration settings.

  1. Maximum 120W per port with a 57V input, see D1.2 - Output Power Range

  2. For more information, see D1.1 - Input Power Range

  3. 2 channels per port, 67W per channel with a 57V input. 

  4. No Internal Power Supply. 

  5. External Power Supply Must Be Rated For Total Lighting Load. 

  6. (2) 67W (at 57VDC) Dimmable Channels/Port, Available On All Ports. 

  7. The programming override button is currently not in use. Use the Override Input on the rear of the unit.